What are Macro Tokens?

Macro Tokens $MACRO are a fiat, crypto, & digital asset-backed stablecoin developed as a solution to increase the processing speed of  slower blockchains. We offer liquidity, transparency, & secure investment solutions. Giving people a chance to BUILD WEALTH.  Macro Tokens are pegged at and around $0.10-0.30 USD eliminating the extreme volatility of traditional cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, BCH, FTX, LUNA, etc. There will only be 100 Billion Macro Token Issued Ever & Every Month we will take 5 - 500 million out of Circulation for the 1st 5 Years to ensure price stability & profitability for our stakeholders.

Why are Macro Tokens Necessary?

The problems with traditional financial institutions hold your hard-earned money, while only providing a global average of 1.3% APR. Why even waste your time with banks, when it takes 2-7 days to process global transactions? Traditional money can be inflated, counterfeited, faked, or forged, but not $MACRO they are digital assets that cannot be duplicated and are built around an anti-inflation system that periodically decrease the total supply, The development in blockchain technology has opened the doors to emerging stablecoins like $MACRO! Macro Tokens are innovating blockchain banking. $MACRO process in second & tokens holders can earn 10% monthly or 120% APR. All payments are paid in $MACRO. We help individuals, businesses, merchants, organizations, & governments build wealth through advanced decentralized financing methods, stable investment practices, complete transparency, security, usability, speed, & liquidity!

What Can I Do With My Macro Tokens? 

How can I use my MACRO Tokens?  Macro Tokens can be used as a Decentralized Blockchain Messaging System, as a Reward(s) system to Promote Community Engagement, as a payment method to accept global transactions, as a way to store value, as a secure way to send certified files/pictures on public ledger, to play games, or to get loans, all at a fixed rate of about $1.50 USD per transaction, no matter if you are sending $2 billion USD or $0.01 USD. Unlike bitcoins MACRO Tokens process in seconds, not hours, with cost-effective lower fixed fees, completely public ledger, with automatic blockchain audits every 12 hours. MACRO Tokens give Investors an opportunity to Earn immensely, from our Monthly Staking Rewards system: MACRO RETURNS! Our Tokens help investors & organizations generate wealth in an innovative way, by our experts being able to leverage the Blockchain to create a Decentralized Community Asset Backed Stablecoin. One MACRO Token is priced at about $0.10 USD; however,  this price is expected to insignificantly fluctuate, thus eliminating major volatility. This gives investors the opportunity to store value or accumulate generous returns with MACRO RETURNS! 


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