Our Services

We Provide over 10 Utilities Exclusively to MACRO Token Holders.

Use MACRO to Play Games | Macro Games

Collateralized Lines of Credit | Macro Credit

Secure Investment Program | Macro Growth

Use MACRO as a Reward or Incentive System

Use MACRO to Buy Premium Crypto Domanins | Contact Us

Use MACRO to get a Certified Domain Appraisal. | Contact Us

Use MACRO as a Decentralized Messaging System to send Text Or Pictures.

Use MACRO as a Decentralized Public Ledger to Send Documents or Files

Buy 5K Active Wallets for Waves.Exchange | ICO Promotion | Contact Us

Blockchain Lottery program made to decentralize our network | Macro Lottery

Blockchain Education Loans & Grants to Develop a Workforce of Blockchain Experts. | Contact Us | COMING SOON

We Offer Innovative Decentralized Cryptocurrency Banking Services!