Macro Tokens | FAQ

What are Macro Tokens [Fiat, Crypto, & Digital Asset Back StableCoins]

Macro Tokens are a fiat, crypto, & digital asset backed stablecoin developed as a solution to increase the processing speed & delivery rate of slower blockchains like bitcoins. We offer liquidity, transparency, & secure investment solutions. Giving people a chance to BUILD WEALTH. Macro Tokens are pegged at and around $0.05-0.35 USD, thus eliminating extreme volatility of traditional cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, WAVES, BCH, etc. There will be only be 100 Billion Macro Token Issued & Every Month we will take 1 - 500 million out of Circulation for the 1st 5 Years to increase profitability for our stake holders.

What Digital Asset does MACRO Own?

We own 5 Crypto Assets, 75+ high value domains & website. We own 2 types of domains decentralized & centralized. We either use revenues generated from MACRO to either buy Domains for IMMEDIATE Resale or Develop Projects that yield residual income, which we use to collateralize MACRO price, this ensure we maintain market stability. We own over $1 Million USD in Digital Assets. We will gladly show our digit asset portfolio upon request.

What Services does MACRO Tokens Offer?

We offer Innovative Decentralized Community Driven Cryptocurrency Banking Services. We have over 10 utilities available only to MACRO Token Holders.

  • Use MACRO to Play Games | Macro Games

  • Collateralized Lines of Credit | Macro Credit

  • Secure Investment Program | Macro Growth

  • Use MACRO as a Reward or Incentive System

  • Use MACRO to get a Certified Domain Appraisal. | Contact Us

  • Use MACRO as a Decentralized Messaging System to send Text Or Pictures.

  • Use MACRO as a Decentralized Public Ledger to Send Documents or Files

  • Buy Blockchain Domains from Our Partners | Contact Us

  • Buy Crypto-Niche Domains www.____________.com | Contact Us

  • Buy 3K Active Wallets for Waves.Exchange | ICO Promotion | Contact Us

  • Blockchain Education Loans & Grants to Develop a workforce. | COMING SOON

  • Blockchain Lottery program made to decentralize our network | Macro Lottery

How do I buy Macro Tokens?

You can buy Macro Tokens with over 15 Cryptos. Users must send a payment of at least $5 USD in crypto go to the HOME PAGE

Be sure to leave you email address so we can send you the app to download the MACRO Wallets or for further correspondents?

You make also buy MACRO on Waves.Exchange, Paybits.Exchange & Luxtrade.Exchange

Can I transfer My Macro Tokens for Waves, Bitcoins, USDN, BioTech, Under Currents or CannaCoin?

Yes, you can transfer us your Macro Tokens balance for a conversion or on the Waves Decentralized Exchange.

Can I get Macro Tokens for free?

Yes, by holding MACRO Tokens our lottery system sends 100 MACRO every month to a random wallet holder. Lottery Drawing is 100% Fair, Random, & Public with 1-2 winner per month Grand Prize of 100 MACRO. We also will give away airdrop to users who stake USD-N, NSBT, or BIOTECH on https://waves.exchange

How do I buy Macro Tokens on Website?

How do I buy Macro Tokens on Waves.Exchange?

  1. You must 1st Buy WAVES in order Buy & Transfer MACRO on Waves.Exchange

  2. Once you have WAVES in your wallet search WAVES/MACRO pair

  3. Place order at Market Price or Below Market Place

  4. Then wait til your order is fulled

How do I send a Message with Macro Tokens?

    1. Once Your Have Macro Tokens in your Wallet

    2. Click the MACRO Aquamarine Wallet Icon, then go to Send

    3. Type in or Scan Proper Address

    4. Pay the Transaction Fee in Macro Tokens, Waves, Bitcoins, etc.

    5. Add a description

    6. After 1-3 seconds the Transaction will be complete, just that simple.

How do I send a Pictures, Documents, or Files with Macro Tokens?

  1. Use our partners https://prnt.sc or Google Drive to convert files or picture into a shareable link

  2. Once Your Have Macro Tokens in your Wallet

  3. Click the MACRO Aquamarine Wallet Icon, then go to Send

  4. Type in or Scan Proper Address

  5. Pay the Transaction Fee in Macro Tokens, Waves, Bitcoins, ETH, WEST etc.

  6. In the description box add the link & press send

  7. After 3 seconds the Transaction will be complete, just that simple

How do I add MACRO Tokens to Trust Wallet?

  1. You open up the Trust Wallet App

  2. Once open at the top right hand corner it an icon click it

  3. Next type in MAC, then you should see a bottom that saysI "Add Custom Token" click it.

  4. The Network Tab should say WAVES

  5. In the Contract Address Tab put: DV1hHCfGzXXppvZJFH65buipHZx6HVRLxP29su9aFih7

  6. In the Name Tab put: Macro Tokens

  7. In the Symbol Tab put: MACRO

  8. In the Decimals Tab put: 2

  9. Then Push Done in the right hand corner.

  10. Once your wallet is set up start off with sending an insignificant amount to your trust wallet to make sure it set up properly.

  11. Once your crypto is received in your trust wallet, you are done.


MACRO Tokens can be received & sent anywhere in the world within seconds. We are built on Waves Decentralized Blockchain which offers 99.9999% Server Uptime.